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Welcome to the Family Room presented by Family in Balance, come on in, take off your shoes, and relax, you are part of the family. The Family Room is dedicated to you and your family because at Family in Balance we are passionate about bringing you real solutions. At Family in Balance our family is a team of experts we’ve endorsed because they care about you and your family. Our family will provide you with tips, ideas, and so much more each week all dedicated to helping you and your family. Be sure to stop in for daily motivation and inspiration from our Family to yours. No need to knock, our Family Room is always open for you.

Tip of the Day from...

When you are travelling with smaller children, pack their clothes in zip lock bags including socks, underwear and hair accessories.  This way whomever is getting them dressed will have everything they need in one neat package.  Make sure to roll the air out so it takes up less space.  Also, use space saver bags so you can pack more into smaller bags!  Have fun on your trip!




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