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Leisa Jenkins, 

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Founder & President, Corporate Family Adviser

Leisa Jenkins has a lifetime of experiences which she is eager to share with the world. Living a childhood full of adversity, she learned that those experience and challenges would be the foundation for helping families and individuals live the life they are meant to be living. Leisa's passion pushed her to find a company which would allow her to help families the way she pictured. She became a certified Family Manger and Professional Organizer 7 years ago. She loved every aspect of helping families and decided to further her career becoming a certified Life Coach. Now serving & educating families with tools which will change their life. She specializes in helping people understand who they are, getting rid of all things draining their energy & helping them rid the guilt they have in parenting.


I have been married for 14 years and I have four amazing children. We value FUN, laughter, love, growth, & inspiration. I admit my family is not perfect but with the DESIRE to be the best we can be and I believe we can!


Leisa was formerly "The Woman" on 1380AM.  You can now hear her on her Family In Balance weekly Podcast.   


"Make everyday a masterpiece" ~ John Wooden



Jeff Arthur,

Corperate Coach

Jeff has been advising individuals and business owners for decades in a variety of venues. The Excalibur Coaching Institute combines various experts and specialists to work together with Jeff on the critical task of teaching people to dream again and daring them to see the world as God intended.


Excalibur works with all organizations and individuals for the purpose of shedding the weight from the past so each person can bring 100% to themself, their spouse, their children, and their career.


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Mary Brown,

Life Expedition Cordinator

Mary is a Life Expedition Coordinator with Excalibur Coaching Institute of St. Louis, Missouri.  She is also the Owner/Coordinator of her own coaching business “Etched In Your Heart.” Mary’s passion is to assist persons to dig and soul search, helping them to begin to heal and forgive themselves and/or others so they can continue on a path of being able to know, love and appreciate who they truly are without masks or layers.


Email Mary



Laura Asseff,

Life Coach

Laura is a wife of 21 years to an amazing husband, Steve, a mom of 4 boys ages 9-17. She absolutely loves helping people improve any or all areas of their lives. She is an empowering coach helping people grow and reach their potential as a mother, father and career person. She is a go getter who is striving to be an advocate for Christian families. Helping them develop a balanced personal life thus developing a Healthy home.

Leisa Jenkins

    & FAMILY

Dedicated to my own family first.  

                    I love you!!  

THANK YOU for supporting me and pushing me each day to follow the plan God has laid in front of me.   

Stuff has ruled my life for longer then I would like to admit. I had a lot of stuff, and then married someone with a lot stuff...combined it was always too much stuff. We have packed and moved several times, a lot of times into apartments too small for our stuff to even get out of the boxes, and finally thought when we bought our home almost 7 years ago, that we would finally get through all the stuff , and make our home. But life happens, and we never did get through the stuff, yet we had a house so more reason to buy MORE stuff. We had to move things around a lot 2 years ago to allow several relatives to move in with us during the year...and we never recovered from that shifting of stuff. It became unmanageable, and I finally thought the stuff was going to win, and then I met Leisa. I had never know anyone who could make what seemed impossible, seem very realistic...and she was so encouraging throughout the process. We had her over 3 different times and went through the entire house by the time it was all done. Are things perfect now, no, but are things manageable and in control, yes. My house no longer controls my life. I am not embarrassed to have people over, and I can enjoy my down time in the house instead of feeling like I should be doing something to organize or clean. If you need someone to help you organize a room, a basement, or your whole house...Leisa is the person to help you...she will bring a smile and lots of encouragement with her...if she can help me tame the stuff that was strangling my life and home...she can help just have to take the first step to ask!​ 




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